That’s How You Know – Julie Simmons


Twenty-four-year-old Tori Stewart is on the threshold of a promising career in musical theatre. Despite her crippling performance anxiety, she has her eyes set on her dream of performing on Broadway. She is engaged to her lifelong best friend, Evan, and her path seems to be set. She decides to take a summer to work as a performer on an Alaskan cruise before her wedding, but her entire life’s plan is turned upside down when she meets the love of her life and experiences intense love and passion like she has never known before. Will she risk losing her best friend forever to be with this man?

Everything in Charles Ryan’s life is exactly where he wants it to be…mostly that is. At forty, his career as a Juilliard professor and orchestra conductor is in a good place, and he has a teenage son he adores. The only thing missing from his ideal life is love. He is trapped in a marriage with a woman he has never loved, who threatens him with financial and professional ruin whenever he brings up divorce. When Charles meets his soulmate while working as a music director on a cruise ship, will he risk everything for a chance at a life with her?

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How much will they be willing to risk for true love?

Have you ever meticulously crafted a life plan, only to discover a yearning for something more?

Meet Tori Stewart, a rising star on the cusp of a promising career in musical theatre, and Charles Ryan, a renowned Juilliard professor and conductor at the peak of his professional journey.

Yet beneath the veneer of success, hidden anxieties and unfulfilled desires simmer within them.

Destiny orchestrates an unexpected encounter aboard a luxurious Alaskan cruise, forever altering the trajectories of their meticulously planned lives.

As the celestial spectacle paints the heavens in vibrant hues, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind of passionate emotions, challenging the very foundations of their carefully constructed worlds.

A heart-wrenching decision looms. Can they defy societal expectations and embrace a love that threatens to shatter their carefully constructed realities? How much will they be willing to risk for true love?

Explore the complexities of human connection and the transformative power of unexpected encounters in That’s How You Know, by Julie Simmons.

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