Stop Abusing Yourself with Your Past (Hardcover)


Embark on a profound 12-week voyage of self-discovery and transformation with Dannielle Nelson’s debut masterpiece  “Stop Abusing Yourself With Your Past”. As a catalyst for healing, this transformative mirror guides readers seeking personal reflection and self-discovery by offering a rich tapestry of thought-provoking ideas.

This captivating journey merges personal narratives, scientific insight, and spiritual wisdom into daily practices that are personally empowering . Explore these pivotal waypoints:

Week 1-2: Lay the foundation and untangle depression’s complexities.

Week 3-4: Master mindfulness, gratitude, and mental health.

Week 5-6: Cultivate resilience, weed self-criticism, and embrace forgiveness.

Week 7-8: Reclaim your story, define your purpose, and forge accountability.

Week 9-10: Enhance resilience, discover values, and empower yourself.

Week 11-12: Shape your mission, harvest growth, and transform.

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