The Rise of The Indy Author

The Rise of the Indy Author

Today’s world has introduced many innovations and futuristic products that most of us are embracing.  Digital technology has taken over and it seems that many things have become too old-fashioned or obsolete, and books are no exception to this new wave of reading innovation.  Education and learning have become an integral part of this transition from more hands-on learning to a complete surrender to digital forms of communication.

AI has also come into focus with a vengeance over the last year and many of us who knew learning to be a more tactile and hands-on experience are not really comfortable with a computer doing our thinking and speaking for us; however, the younger generation is gleefully embracing  this new technology as it seems to be an easier and more efficient way to produce the written word.

But also with this new technology is the rise in the common person taking to their computer keyboards and writing their own stories.  For many years we’ve been relegated to buying books that were given to us by traditional publishing houses that were the arbiters of what we would read and learn from.  They alone have held the power to disseminate and distribute what THEY felt was good literature and books that were worthy of publishing.  They alone were able to publish and distribute their idea of a good book to us and we had no choice in the matter.

Now, however, an every day person can tell their story and this is a good thing!  I don’t know how many people I’ve met in my lifetime that had an amazing story to tell but didn’t know or understand how to write it and publish it, and no traditional publisher would accept the transcript.  Everyone has a family member with an amazing past or exciting story to tell.  Some of them may have a few pirates or people of ill-repute that provide fascinating reading if they were just allowed to tell it. I believe those stories should be told.

The Indy Writer is coming on with a vengeance and it’s a good sight to see!  With all of the ways a writer can communicate their story, we are very lucky that we are the generations to be able to read these personal stories and experiences and learn about the past and present of some very remarkable every day people.

It is the ultimate in being free and literate.  With just a push of a computer key, any person can read about people all over the world, what they’re doing, what kind of life they’ve lead and what their plans are for the future without the filter of one person in a traditional publishing house making that decision for them.  More information and knowledge is available and more of us are looking to alternative venues to find our answers.

So the next time you are looking for a good book to read, step out of the traditional boxed writer system and look for an interesting story by an Indy author.  You might just find an adventure you never knew about or learn something new.

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